Liberals float proposition to allow abortions up to six months after birth

It's a good start, but not enough!

After a fantastic victory in the direction of women’s rights in New York where it is now legal to abort babies the day before their due date (if the mother’s life is at risk), liberals from universities across the country are united in the same thought: it’s a good start, but not enough! The law in New York was passed with the mother’s health in mind.

If a nine-month pregnant woman has health concerns that would make killing a baby nine month’s in a womb before performing a C-section as a better alternative to simply performing a C-section and keeping the baby alive, that is totally reasonable. However, this begs the question – what about the health of the mother after the baby is born?

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Postpartum depression is a real thing and new mothers experience it every day. Liberals know that a therapist’s job is to provide advice and guidance – like a life coach. In almost all cases, therapists advise to remove one’s self from a situation that is causing them distress.

We all know that if a woman gets pregnant, it’s not her fault in any circumstance. It’s great that women have the right to kill their unborn at will but considering the financial and emotional drain babies could be in their role of causing postpartum depression in women, we are pushing for abortion rights to extend to 6 months after birth – but no longer than that because otherwise it would be inhumane.

  • Cassandra Nelson Percy, UC Palm Springs Feminist
Postpartum depression is a real thing and can be treated by removing the source of the depression. Liberals are working on a solution.

Bigoted conservatives will say that these propositions are “anti-life” or “evil” but keep in mind, this is coming from a political party that wants a wall and won’t voluntarily take in millions of refugees. This proposition is about women’s health and nothing more.

Furthermore, this proposition allows for an extended period of time to correct mistakes they feel they’ve made if they hadn’t had the chance to correct them already. After all, is there really a difference between aborting a baby a day before it’s born and waiting a little while after?

Liberal arts students from UC Palm Springs are currently trying to get this proposition up the legislative ladder. If you are interested in supporting this proposition, please call your nearest representative and describe in full detail how you wish to extend abortion rights to six months after birth.


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