New study says women prefer low testosterone effeminate liberal men to muscular confident alpha males

The benefits of ending toxic masculinity

According to a poll data received from 48,000 individuals of various gender identities at the 2019 women’s march, it’s abundantly clear that muscular confident alpha males are out, and low testosterone effeminate liberal beta males are in. Especially with the advent of the latest Gillette ad, toxic masculinity is at an all time low and women are preferring men with less characteristically “masculine” traits.

If you are a man (or identify as one) and you have successfully developed your fitness level to the point where your body fat is low while muscle composition is high, you have abs, a sculpted chest, and can bench twice your body weight – we’re sorry to say you wasted your time. If you want any of the strong attractive women from the women’s march, you need to switch up your priorities.

Women love men who barely qualify as traditional men. We’re talking thin men with skinny fat, untoned muscles, patchy facial hair, poor eyesight and liberal views so far to the left, that every possession they have is yours too. Low testosterone and a high soy-based diet is in.

Heart throbs like this are what women of 2019 want
Nothing is more sexually appealing than a man with morals

Nothing is hotter than a man who wears a pussy hat and bows to the demands of Black Lives Matter and gives every spare penny they have to reparations. When they go low, you should go high – and that means dealing with bullies without standing up for yourself. Take it. If someone calls you a name, own it. If someone is disrespectful to you, embrace it. If another alpha male wants to steal your girlfriend or wife, let them.

The age of masculinity is over and our country has never been stronger. Liberal values and worldviews are more appealing to women than confidence and strength.


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