Muslim College Student Beaten By Trump Supporter In Front Of Entire Class, No One Said A Word

Outrage broke out at Southampton State University among minorities as a Muslim college student was beaten to the point of unconsciousness in front of his entire class for a class presentation made by a Trump supporter.

Alladeen Tohpquek, a 22 year old Muslim college student volunteered to be a part of a demonstration from Alex Sullivan, a cisgendered white Trump supporter, who was doing a class presentation about the Success of the American Spirit through the ages. Tohpquek claimed to have no idea what the presentation was going to be about or what he had coming when Sullivan asked for volunteers.

At the beginning of the presentation, Alex Sullivan got up in front of the class, put on a Make America Great Again hat, wore an unprofessional looking shirt with a large prominent green frog on the front, he held an American flag and immediately started talking about how amazing this country is. He asked if there were any volunteers for his demonstration. I raised my hand and went up to the front of the class. I thought Alex was going to use me to present something relating to his point but instead, he knocked me to the floor and proceeded to beat my face in with his fists wrapped in the American flag. This happened for a few seconds until I blacked out.

I woke up a few minutes later, still on the floor with my nose bleeding. Alex had continued his presentation with me laying on the floor next to him. I was confused as I got up and looked around because no one seemed even remotely phased. The class applauded after his presentation. It was the most humiliating time of my life.

Alladeen Tohpquek was kind enough to share his feelings about what happened. One can only imagine how humiliating this could be and how scary it must be to be a minority in this country today.

Instances like these are becoming more and more common in Trump’s America. Racist white people are feeling emboldened to take out their anger and hatred towards minorities, specifically Muslims.

We can only ask, when will the hatred end? Only if we stand together against Trump and his supporters will we have a chance at the equality we deserve. Our thoughts are with you, Alladeen Tohpquek


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