New trend among liberals rejecting their own US citizenship in support of undocumented migrants

A new form of immigration protest is taking the internet by storm

Documented or not, immigrants should never have to stand alone. That’s why undocumented individuals are receiving more support than ever from countless liberals who are going to their nearest immigration office, and filing a formal appeal to their citizenship. With a few signatures and a stamp, liberals across the nation are renouncing their US citizenship to stand in solidarity with migrants crossing the border.

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This is a brave and justified form of support and protest. By renouncing one’s own citizenship, they are essentially standing on the same playing field and level as any other undocumented individual and experiencing the struggles within.

I was born here but that doesn’t mean I should have any more entitlements or privileges than my undocumented brothers and sisters do. That’s why I rejected my own citizenship. I am no longer a US citizen and I don’t need to be, nor should I need to be in order to live here.

  • Jackson Gregerson, 28, Former US Citizen

Nothing is braver than stripping yourself of your own citizenship and rights to be here legally to support those who aren’t “legally allowed” to be here themselves. This new trend is taking the internet by storm and if more and more US citizens renounce their citizenship, it will render the entire premise of US citizenship meaningless – and isn’t that the goal at the end of the day anyway?

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