Alex Jones considers running for president in 2020

Rumors circulate that Alex Jones hints at running for president in 2020

In a shocking turn of events in the middle of the onslaught of people running for president in 2020, Alex Jones broke his silence on the issue on a behind the scenes recording of an Info Wars segment. Our sources at NPC Daily who have spoken with an individual who knows a guy of high credibility who’s neighbor’s daughter had a baby with the cousin of the marketing director’s assistant at Info Wars who claimed that Jones is strongly considering the bid.

This came as a shock to most of us, considering that Alex Jones is a staunch conservative – so why would he run against Donald Trump? As it turns out, he will is considering running a tight libertarian ticket with a VP still unknown.

I’ll tell you what – if Trump can’t get his base together, I’m going to step in and take over. Don’t think I can’t do it. The media can’t keep me down! Trump thinks he’s getting it hard from the mainstream media?! He has no f*cking clue what it’s like to be on the ball scraping ass end of a media shafting like I have! He thinks he’s alpha? I’M ALPHA! I have more male vitality than his entire cabinet! He think’s he’s running a red country?! I was BORN red! I AM RED! I AM THE REDDEST MOTHERF*CKER ANYONE HAS EVER SEEN! AHHHHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHG!!! JONES 2020 MOTHERF*CKER!! AAAGHHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!!

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We’re not entirely sure what Alex Jones is doing – though most people don’t anyway. However, since he was rightfully de-platformed an silenced by the tolerant liberal media, his follower base has managed to grow. This poses a great threat against the many strong Democrat candidate women running for president as well as Donald Trump himself.

If Alex Jones mobilizes all of his followers, he can steal large segments from Donald Trump’s base as well as splinter the Democratic party. For the first time in American history, we might actually see a legitimate third party run.

Make no mistake – NPC Daily does not support Alex Jones, however, it’s worth mentioning that his influence and the influence of the progressive liberals are equivalent. Only we are right, and he isn’t – and neither is Trump.


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