Opinion: Why we should silence conservative voices to allow for tolerant progressives

Why conservative voices are a threat to the liberal progressive movement

Sometimes in order to do what is morally right, you need to go against popular opinion. It’s popular in our country to have “freedom of speech,” but what happens when that freedom of speech is misused? What happens when it is weaponized? What happens when it’s conservative?

Since there are currently no laws against hate speech, it’s difficult to legally silence anyone who has wrong thoughts. In this case, to be clear, any wrong thoughts or ideas are categorized by either conservative thoughts or anything that are to the right of center. Anything at all.

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That being said, conservative voices are a threat to liberal progressive ideologies. YouTube and Spotify have done wonders for the liberal progressive movement by kicking off Info Wars and removing PragerU as an advertiser respectively. However, it seems like when one conservative outlet is shot down, more pop up.

Does this mean that the efforts to silence conservatives should cease? Absolutely not.

Platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and all the other platforms and media outlets should continue to shut down and silence conservative thoughts and ideas – for a simple reason: we cannot have any liberals change their mind. The only way we will be able to win our rightful positions in the US government is if they are voted in by people who simply are not able to hear a clear representation of their opposition.

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