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Both Bill and Hillary Clinton hint at running for president again in 2020 as a ticket

Bill and Hillary Clinton considering running as a ticket in 2020

As if the trend isn’t hopeful enough for the Democrats in 2020, our sources tell us that there is a strong possibility that both Clintons – Bill and Hillary are considering running for president in 2020 as a ticket. It’s uncertain which Clinton would be president or vice president but since the future is female and we need to break that glass ceiling, one would hope that it would be Hillary for president.

As we know, the only reason Trump won the presidency in 2016 was because Russia hacked the election. This isn’t even disputed anymore, it’s just a fact. If it weren’t for Russian meddling and outright voter manipulation in 2016, we would have a President Hillary Clinton right now and American would be great again.

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Our sources have told us that Hillary and Bill Clinton would be running as a ticket as a kind of power couple, who would have the best interests of the American people at heart. The campaign would simply be called Clinton 2020.

As liberals, we don’t typically take the constitutional all that seriously so any rules against a Democrat running for president if they had already served as president in the past are simply irrelevant. However, if we wanted to use it legitimately, then since there are no ruled preventing Joe Biden from running for president even though he served as Obama’s vice president, there should be nothing stopping Bill Clinton from becoming Hillary Clinton’s vice president himself.

That glass ceiling will be broken one way or another, whether it be with Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or any other woman brave enough to take the stand.

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