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Social media to crack down on hate speech before 2020 election

"This new law puts some teeth into our control over fascists and russian bots", says Twitter Exec

It is obvious that Trump got elected president primarily due to Russian bots on social media. Social media has always been run ethically and has also been objective without bias – until now, because the big social media platforms have had it with the republican negativity. “We are responsible for the National Conversation”, said a Facebook insider. “And how are we supposed to do our job, when every time a Democratic leader says anything about saving the planet, there are literally thousands of negative comments posted immediately below the Democratic and morally right message. These fascists dwell on pointing out facts, as if that ever won an argument. ” continued the FB insider, who is also a pangender person of mass.

We can now call out these types of Trump supporter arguments what for they are: hate speech. So soon, it will become a crime and we will be able to legitimately call the police on them. Before, we had to kind of cloak that we were sort of, “turning the volume” down on these right wing fear mongers’ accounts; now we can just hit the ‘ban’ button as soon as some one reports them. No need to listen to their bitching any more. this ought to wipe the smirks off those white faces!

  • Norbert Pugh-Say C√ľkerman-Schultz, Project Manager of Socialism Virtue Signaling at Instagram.

Because everyone knows that progressive socialists like superstar new Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are morally right, social media will now treat any negative comments about any democratic candidates to be hate speech. This will include all references to Democrats’ prior criminal records, misunderstandings about sex scandals, missing money from the state department and any reference to the Clinton Foundation of any kind. A Twitter insider revealed specifics that twitter security will be monitoring:

Any tweets making fun of Elizabeth Warren being an indigenous person, any statements that she leased a husband (Bruce) for the 2020 election, or pictures of the giant wrought iron gate around her Boston mansion. All now hate speech.

“Any references to Beto O’Rourke not being Mexican, faking a Mexican nickname to get votes, his dad Judge O’Rourke’s incident with a condom full of cocaine in his car, Beto’s burglary arrest, his DUI and leaving the scene of an accident charges, or his stock fraud charges, all banned! I mean it’s ok to say Beto is like a Kennedy, because Kennedys are morally right, but no ‘arrest’, ‘leaving the scene’, etc. Use your heads people!”

“Joe Biden getting handsy with children, Bill Clinton’s perjury charge, Corey Booker’s sex assaults, Keith Ellison’s assault and battery allegations, references to ‘Crooked Hillary’, all of this will be prohibited and prosecuted now!” smiled a Twitter exec, who is a Democrat. “We gave them (Trump supporters) a chance, but they blew it. “Just today we had to ban dozens of accounts for a meme of Kamala Harris riding Willie Brown like a cowgirl. I can’t un-see that. I was literally shaking”, shared a twitter security team member.

Social media companies will soon freeze the screen name of users until they click a small box acknowledging they are aware of these new laws, so that they can comply or be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The national conversation will soon be much more civilized!

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