Climate Change

It’s time for conservatives to admit that a wall will not stop climate change

A wall is useless against the inevitable climate crisis looming ahead

If there’s one thing conservatives cling to more than anything – it’s the wall. You hear them all the time. “We need the wall!” “We need a wall on the southern border!” Little do the conservatives know, the real threat isn’t illegal immigration – it’s climate change and anyone who does not think that we can fully reverse Earth’s climate to a paradise utopia by electing democrat leaders and raising taxes is a traitor to our country.

The fact is simple – a wall will have no effect on climate change.

According to the environmental super genius Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the planet has roughly 12 years left before climate change destroys us all. For a real-time countdown to the end of the world, click here: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Countdown to the End of the World.

Useless wall won’t stop climate change

Let’s set aside for a moment the fact that Donald Trump both thinks that climate change is a hoax while simultaneously being responsible for nearly 100% of it. Conservatives and Trump supporters alike are equally responsible for our planet’s demise should their continuous denial of climate change persist.

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Facts are facts. Climate change is destroying everything we know and love. So why are conservatives so obsessed with building a wall when we know full well that a wall will do nothing to stop climate change? The sooner conservatives realize that a wall will do nothing to impact the climate, rebuild the ozone layer or reverse the damages already done by climate change, the sooner we can eventually flip every die-hard conservative into a bleeding heart liberal.

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