Why it’s a good thing that Kamala Harris had an affair with Willie Brown

If the ends justify the means, so be it.

As it was uncovered earlier this week, Willie Brown, the former mayor of San Fransisco was also the former sugar daddy of Kamala Harris back in 1994. It was also unveiled that Willie Brown was a married man at the time and was also 30 years older than Kamala Harris herself. Furthermore, it was revealed that Kamala Harris got her kick start into politics because Willie Brown gave her a few positions so to speak.

What people fail to realize is that this is actually a good thing. If there was ever a time where the phrase the ends justify the means, this is it. Kamala Harris has revolutionary ideas that will change this country for the better should she be elected president. By comparison, she would be a better president than Barack Obama. Why? For the simple reason that not only is she black herself, she’s also a woman.

Conservatives need to understand that it’s not the policies that make the politician – it’s who you are. What our country needs is congressional affirmative action and the only way our country can bounce back from electing Donald Trump, is to elect the exact antithesis of his persona.

Donald Trump is a straight white male racist, sexist, bigoted and immoral homophobe while Kamala Harris is a morally right woman of color who’s in favor of mass abortions – and nothing is more liberal and morally right than that. It’s important to keep in mind that marriage infidelity is only wrong when conservatives take part in it. When liberals do, there’s most likely a good reason – and this is one of those cases. So if it took an affair that happened decades ago to get Kamala Harris where she is now, so be it.


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