FINALLY – proposal for undocumented immigrant housing mandate for people making over $50,000

In the land of opportunity, there should be no inequality

Democrats in the house are floating a proposition that would mandate any household making over $50,000 per year to house an undocumented immigrant family. As if it isn’t obvious why this is a good thing, morally right and on the inclusive side of history – conservatives are using their rampant racism to unanimously shoot this proposition down. After all, if conservatives hate the idea, you know you’re doing something right.

It’s no secret that America is meant to be the land of opportunity. Therefore when desperate migrants sneak into the country illegally, you know they’re doing so for the right reason. So why should migrants be turned away? Of course they shouldn’t be and any true American would gladly open their hearts, minds and doors to their houses for any immigrant.

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Sometimes people are resistant to the idea. Perhaps they may not want strangers in their house when they don’t know them or know what they are capable of. Obviously, this is simple racism and bigotry. This is specifically why this proposition was brought to the table.

Every immigrant deserves a home and in the land of opportunity, there should be no inequality. That’s why any household making over $50,000 per year will be required to house one undocumented family under this bill. It’s the morally right thing to do.

House Democrats are expecting blow back and resistance from conservatives but once the next election cycle comes around, we will know that we will have plenty of undocumented voters leaning Democrat, which will almost guarantee the passing of this bill.


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