Why abortions should be safe, legal, encouraged and as frequent as you please

If you haven't had an abortion, can you even consider yourself a morally correct liberal?

We all know that the only reason why conservatives are pro-life and against abortion is because they want to control women’s bodies. We know this because it makes sense and it’s been described over and over again. Republicans want to control their bodies. They’re not concerned about that so-called “life” that’s growing inside the mother’s womb. They want to control their bodies.

Because of the recent laws passed in New York, the pro-choice movement has taken great strides in the morally right direction. As we know, there’s nothing more morally right than being able to legally terminate a pregnancy right at dilation. Why? Because it’s not a baby. It’s a fetus – and a fetus, by definition, means not a life.

Fetuses are still a part of the woman, like an ingrown toenail. It’s not like the fetus and its placenta are just just floating inside the womb not attached to the mother (because obviously that would make the fetus a separate entity from the mother) – so it’s perfectly morally right to be able to end it before it starts.

Therefore, like the good liberal we are, we know that abortion is actually morally right and should be safe, legal and performed as frequent as one pleases. Abortion is a very effective form of birth control and should be encouraged. Planned Parenthood is a great resource for this form of encouragement.

I’ve had four abortions in the past two years. Three of them were unplanned pregnancies but the most recent one was was definitely planned. I aborted it in the 8th month because I wanted to prove a point. My husband was devastated because I did so without his consent – but why should he control my body? It’s my body, my choice! I’m currently pregnant again and I might keep it, I might not. I have plenty of time.

  • Stacy Prinestone, 24, San Fransisco 

Anyone who claims that this way of thinking is “barbaric” or “wrong” simply just want to control women’s bodies. That’s what they want to do and as long as that’s their agenda, we need to fight them tooth and nail. If you’re pregnant and don’t want to be, get an abortion! It’s never too late!


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