Hatred and division won once again at the 2019 Super Bowl

The Patriots cheated the Super Bowl just as the Conservatives cheated the election

As if our country wasn’t already plagued with white nationalism, white supremacy, xenophobia, bigotry, racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, hatred for the poor, glorification of sexual assault, outright disgust and disdain for anyone who isn’t a heterosexual cis-gendered white male – the Patriots won the 2019 Super Bowl.

As we all know, the New England Patriots the choice team for white nationalist and Tom Brady’s support for President Trump only solidifies the fact that anyone routing for them, are just as bad. NPC Daily ran a study on the night of the Super Bowl in which people could choose between the Los Angeles Rams (otherwise known as the tolerant left-leaning kind team of acceptance) and the New England Patriots (hate, bigotry and intolerance incarnate). The results were stunning.

Results of the NPC Daily study – shocking

The game was emblematic of the division between the left and the right. As we saw first hand, the Rams were not putting up a fight – nor should they have to. In this patriarchal society where minorities are threatened left and right, liberals (and Rams fans) are expecting to not have to fight. We’re expecting society to bend to our standards.

Conservatives are the aggressors. Just as the Super Bowl 2019 results ended with the New England Patriots railing the Rams into submission after a slow and arduous game, it represents what the far right has to do in order to win. They cheat. How do they cheat? They cheat by simply being better at the game than the liberal left.

Just as hatred, bigotry and xenophobia won the hearts and minds of the nation in 2016, the problem seems to be persistent even as we get closer to 2020. If the Super Bowl is any indication, we may have our work cut out ahead of us if we was to keep Trump from getting a second term.


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