Why it’s good to discriminate based on race – a progressive defense of Affirmative Action

Why it's not bad that schools discriminate against whites and asians

As we all know, Affirmative Action is the initiative taken by schools to maintain equal ethnic representation among its student body regardless of test scores. This is needed because diversity is our strength. We know diversity is our strength because we keep repeating that diversity is our strength. What conservatives don’t understand though, is that we’re talking about diversity of ethnicity and race – not diversity of thought. We don’t want people thinking differently from each other. God no.

What we want in schools is an equal part split pie chart of each race and/or ethnicity available in the area. We want this outcome so that when schools get grants, funding and political support, no one would be able to look at the school and thing “hmmm, that school has a racial bias.”

Racial biases are horrible and to marginalize minorities is equally bad – but there are two exceptions: white people and Asians. When it comes to Affirmative Action, we know that there are statistics that show correlation between race and test scores. We need Affirmative Action to cover this up because it’s a racist fact and we should never pay attention to it or take it into consideration.

On average, Asians score considerably higher than every other ethnicity measured. If schools and colleges actually let in students based on their test scores, they’d be overrun by Asians. Who wants that?! Certainly not liberal schools. We know that to have a good school, we need to discriminate based on race when it comes to enrollment.

White people have had privilege their entire existence just as Asians. So on the whole, neither race would really slip substantially if schools give the same opportunities for higher education reserved for those who have earned it, to minorities who otherwise wouldn’t have tested into them. To demonstrate the correlation any further is simply racist.

That’s why Affirmative Action is a good thing. It takes the opportunities from those who are prepared and gives them to others who are not, based solely on the initiative to have equal racial representation in a school. It’s a perfect system.


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