First forced “Gay-to-Straight Electrotherapy Mandate” bill proposed by Mike Pence

As if the LGBTQ community wasn't threatened enough... there's this

This is no joke. We knew that Mike Pence was homophobic before but at a press conference earlier this afternoon on February 2nd, 2018, Pence put forward a proposal to for a gay-to-straight electrotherapy mandate. According to the proposition, anyone who is currently homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, halfsexual or unsexual will be mandated to undergo a government issued electrotherepy “treatment”.

An excerpt from the proposal reads as follows:

. . . individuals who are recognized by the US government as homosexual, or one of the many related derivatives, are to be subject to weekly government assisted electrotherapy treatments. These treatments will include, but are not limited to, voltage ranges between 10 volts and 40,000 volts. It is important to note that police-grade tasers range up to 50,000 volts and are not fatal.

Homosexuals will be subject to this mild treatment until they are no longer homosexual. Treatment will not cease until results are achieved.

– Homosexual Treatment Act 2019

It’s as sickening as it sounds! Mike Pence even volunteered to administer the first treatment. We will for sure keep you informed as this proposal develops. If you are a homosexual right now, please seek out a safe space immediately.

Mike Pence apparently has full support of the entire republican party and it is on a path to becoming law within the next few weeks. Our only hope, ironically, is whether or not Donald Trump signs the executive order himself. As it turns out, however, that doesn’t seem promising. Trump himself had this to say about the Homosexual Treatment Act 2019 proposal:

F&$% those f@&&%ts!

– Donald Trump

This is what America has become.

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