Mike Pence’s Electroshock “Homosexual Treatment Act of 2019” moving forward

What has our country become?

It’s a sad day for the LGBTQW community as Mike Pence’s Homosexual Treatment Act 2019 has gotten congressional approval and is moving on to the next step in the legislative process. If you are unfamiliar with the Homosexual Treatment Act 2019, it essentially states that US citizens who are registered as homosexual in the National Registry of Queer Residents, will be subject to a government mandated electroshock therapy conversion treatment at the subject’s expense.

This is NOT ok and it goes against everything America stands for. As if the Republicans haven’t figured it out yet, some people are born gay. Some people are born queer. Some people are born non-binary trans-genderfluid asexual polyamorous individuals who prefer non-conforming pronouns. These are not mental disorders! These are people just like you and me.

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We have feared the entire campaign cycle of Mike Pence’s promises to throw all gay people into an internment camp and “shock the gay out of them.” Well this has just became one step closer to reality. President Donald Trump is one of the last people who can stop this proposition from becoming a government mandate. However, hope is far from reach since he said the following:

Look, electricity works. We use it all the time. We depend on electricity and it has never let us down. Vice President Mike Pence’s idea is one of those revolutionary ideas that make this country so great. Mexicans are rapists.

– Donald Trump, press conference regarding HTA 2019, April 2019

It’s almost unbelievable. How low has our democracy sunk? And to think we took such great strides in the direction equality and diversity. We could learn a lot from the refugees coming over from Syria and other Islamic countries about how to treat gay people – but Trump doesn’t want them here either.

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