Trump’s 2019 State of the Union most hateful and divisive speech in American history

This is NOT what America is all about

On February 5th, 2019, Donald Trump gave a State of the Union address that was by far the most hateful piece of spoken word ever uttered from behind a podium at the white house. Trump wasted no time before immediately launching into Mexicans, people of color and attacking anyone who isn’t white. His speech was sexist, bigoted, xenophobic not to mention ignorant and completely vacant of facts.

The State of the Union address is supposed to be a message of hope and a description of the current affairs without our country. Instead what we got was a madman yelling and screaming in a microphone about how much he hates women and wants to control their bodies by attempting to strike down any proposition that would allow women to kill their own children. It was sickening.

I was watching the State of the Union with my husband and my two kids. I covered their ears about a minute into it because I didn’t want to expose them to so much hateful rhetoric. My husband broke down in tears and even my boyfriend couldn’t handle it. We’re all in therapy now.

Mental health clinics are overrun today by the sheer number of people needing therapy after hearing Trump spew hate on live television for an hour and a half. It was worse than Hitler and anyone who sat through the entire speech knows exactly what we’re talking about.

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Watching Trump lash out and launch into Bernie Sanders, saying that America will “never be a socialist country” was disheartening as he hurt his feelings. Watching Trump mock the number of women elected in congress was sickening. The way he brought on crisis actors to play the parts of war vets to shill for his success was disgusting.

We can do better than this, America. Never forget the hatred and bigotry made so vocal during the 2019 State of the Union.


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