Many liberals are seeking therapy treatments after Trump’s traumatizing State of the Union

The damage caused by Trump's hateful SOTU is unprecedented

As we all witnessed, Trump gave the most hateful and violent speeches in US history last night for his State of the Union address. For an hour and a half, Trump screamed about how much he hated gay people, women, Muslims, Mexicans and anyone who didn’t talk or think like a straight white male. For many, this was simply too much to bear – that the leader of our country would shout, slamming his fists on the podium while seething racial slurs multiple times a minute.

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Because of this, mental health clinics, psychologists, social workers and therapists are being overrun by liberals showing various signs of PTSD as well as other forms of trauma-induced psychosis.

I’m the lead supervisor at North Arbon Family Therapy and our phones have been ringing off the hook since last night all from people screaming, crying and bringing their nerves together to request therapy. We can’t give specifics but almost all of them were related to trauma from watching the State of the Union. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  • Sarah Bradcast, North Arbon Family Therapy 

Our sources are telling us that liberals are taking to the streets and protesting in various ways in order to cope with their PTSD. Some of them are pouring boiling water on their heads, some of them are eating dirt – a crowd of 80 liberals stripped naked outside the Los Angeles City Hall this morning and flopped around on the ground like a bunch of fish out of water while reciting the words from the Statue of Liberty out of sync to protest their disdain for Trump’s State of the Union

If you heard Trump’s address last night and are feeling symptoms or signs of PTSD yourself, please seek immediate help. It’s a shame that our country’s leadership has sunk so low as to inflict such serious mental harm upon its listeners. This is why we need socialism.


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