Nowhere in the US can you afford a pet friendly 5 bedroom apartment on minimum wage

Minimum wage should be the minimum required to live a full and happy life

You know our economy is in a steep relentless decline as a result of conservative and Republican policies when people can’t afford 5 bedroom apartments on minimum wage.

As we know, a minimum wage is something that everyone should be able to strive for and live on. Nothing gives people more incentive to work harder and progress in their fields than a wage sufficient enough for them to not require additional work or education. Sadly in our country, liberals want – and should be entitled to – luxurious living standards at the very minimum.

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I have a Ph.D in Romantic Comedies and a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies. It’s Trump’s fault that I’m not able to afford a pet friendly 5 bedroom apartment on the minimum wage job I currently hold. We need a Green New Deal that will solve everything. I’ll vote Democrat for the rest of my life.

  • Brandice Brandlestock, 31, Nevada

Most liberals went to college and are in more debt than they ever thought they would be. Minimum wage as it is now is barely enough to cover basic living expenses, not to mention student loans and rent. If someone graduates from college, regardless of their major, they are entitled to a life they were promised. That’s why it’s ridiculous that nowhere in the country can you afford a pet friendly 5 bedroom apartment on minimum wage.


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