“Learn to code” is the most offensive slur anyone can say to another human being

Many former journalists are requiring therapy after hearing the phrase

In the wake of many respectable journalists being laid off work and let go because of unforeseen financial and economic downturns, alt-right trolls devised what could possibly be one of the most vile and offensive slurs that can be said to another person.

If we set aside the fact that these journalists were let go specifically because Trump wants to build a wall and said mean things in the past, it’s important to know that opinion journalists are among the most talented individuals residing in our country today. After all, how else would we know about the 37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018? This is all real journalism and must be taken seriously.

So when a serious journalist from the opinion section of Huffington Post gets let go (Trump’s fault), it’s a slap in the face to say “Learn to Code” in a weak attempt at encouraging them to learn a secondary skill from which to earn income.

 I was an opinion journalist for Planned Periods and got laid off because apparently my column wasn’t productive or cash positive. I don’t know what else to do with my Gender Studies degree – and when a straight white male told me to “learn to code”, I lost it. I screamed until I passed out and woke up in a straight jacket at a local mental institution.

Hearing the phrase “learn to code” is harmful to one’s mental health and can cause instant trauma upon hearing it or reading it. This is why Twitter is 100% right to censor the free speech of anyone who encourages liberal journalists to educate themselves in a programming language to supplement their loss of income from being laid off with another form of income. It’s the equivalent of saying “get a life,” or “you’re a loser,” or “you don’t deserve to live, you vile piece of-“

It’s the N-word of 2019. Don’t say it. Don’t even think it. Many former journalists have needed therapy immediately after hearing it. Don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution – and the solution is higher taxes on the rich and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

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