The brilliant 3D “Green Chess” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Why she was right to abruptly remove her plan from her website, and why she’ll be right if she puts it up again (and maybe takes it down one more time)

After posting her long-anticipated “Green New Deal” on her official site, visionary Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez surprised many of her fans–or as she prefers to call them, “constituents”–by removing it mere hours later. Citizens across the country (perhaps even the globe) gasped audibly as they saw their utopian guide inexplicably disappear.

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Inexplicably, that is, until you realize that AOC is literally a million moves ahead of the rest of us in this chess match–or as she refers to it, “super-complicated political checkers.”

What her supporters fail to realize is that in removing her New Deal from public viewing before 5 P.M., she got the political drop on her detractors. By publicizing it just while Republicans were at work, she ensured that only Democrats would see it. Hence, she has ensured that only her closest allies will know the plan of attack, while Republicans carelessly go about their daily business. And unbeknownst to them, they just worked their 12-hour shifts to pay for a program that they will never see until it has safely passed.

Unidentified sources (who have assured this publication that they are “super legit”) had this to say about the latest move by the revolutionary: “People think that she doesn’t know about stuff that they don’t know about, but she totally does.”

Strong words, indeed.

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