Liberals arts majors would be wealthier if billionaires weren’t hogging all the money

This is why we need we need to tackle the problem of wealth distribution

If there’s one thing liberals know, it’s that university graduates are entitled and deserving of a living wage regardless of their major. Going through a four year college career is difficult and it says a lot about a person who is able to make it to the end.

However, there’s one cluster of majors and concentrations whose graduates are not receiving their fair share of wages and income. These majors include English, Anthropology, Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, Performing Arts and other so-called “useless” majors. Conservatives and bigots like to refer to these challenging paths are “useless” because they know deep down that they could never be versed in Feminist Harassment Theory.

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So why are these majors making the least amount of money after college? The answer is simple. The billionaires are hogging all of the money.

That’s why we need to tax billionaires at least 95% of their income to subsidize the lives of those with liberal arts degrees or people who are unwilling to work – which is generally the same crowd.

Brave performance artist deserving of billions of dollars

I have a bachelor’s degree in sociology, a master’s degree in feminist studies and a Ph.D in humanities. I’m very educated and if it weren’t for the billionaires hogging all the money, I wouldn’t have to resort to working at Starbucks to pay off my $280,000 total student loan debt on minimum wage – which should also be raised.

  • Sandra Gomezson, 32, San Fransisco

The facts are simple. Billionaires hog all the money while contributing absolutely nothing to society. They are the pinnacle of capitalistic disarray, are selfish, useless and spend millions of dollars sending cars into space as opposed to giving that money to liberal arts majors who deserve it. It’s important to know the sources of all of life’s problems and as liberals we know – it’s the billionaires.


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