Why Valentine’s Day “conversation hearts” should be banned for sexism and toxic masculinity

No she won't "kiss you" or "be yours"

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the conservative media is once again bombarding us with their old world sexist and bigoted views. Of all the vile and awful aspects of Valentine’s Day, one of the worst are those horribly tasting “conversation heart” candies, which should be banned outright.

Why should they be banned? Because if you look at them, each one is beaming with toxic masculinity, harassment and sexual assault. By giving someone a “conversation heart” candy, you’re essentially forcefully telling them “kiss me,” or “be mine,” or “text me” without their consent. Men get away with this enabled sexism year after year no little to no repercussions.

We spoke with a feminist studies major from California State University, Palm Springs who gave a strong, brave and powerful account on how these encounters could be viewed:

I remember. Last year I was on my way to class when a guy came up to me – without my consent – and handed me a couple “conversation heart” candies. One of them said “I love you,” and another one said “kiss me.” I barely knew the guy and he seemed to be handing them out to everyone he saw. It took everything I had to not scream in his face about the patriarchy. I took his candies and threw them in the garbage can without breaking eye contact. I told him “If you pull this sh*t again, I’m calling the cops.” Many people saw – and I was never harassed in this way again.

  • Norma Pelequin, 22, Feminist Studies Major

The patriarchy and conservatives love to rear their ugly heads up at any given time throughout the year. Ladies, if someone thinks it’s cute to give you a few of these sexist “conversation heart” candies, know that you don’t have to stand for that kind of abuse. You’re a strong independent woman who doesn’t need the approval of men nor their weak attempts at trying to win you over.


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