Want to start your own business? You’re more likely to be a bigoted conservative without knowing it

Scientists suggest authoritarian attitudes may be partly rooted in urge to start a company as a way of earning an income

Liberals and conservatives couldn’t be more different. Liberals want clean energy, clean air, open borders, health care for all, education for all, financial security for those unable or unwilling to work, taxes on the rich and an end to income inequality. Conservatives love capitalism, are greedy, racist, bigoted and want to kick out anyone who isn’t white from the country.

When it comes to income and earning money, liberals know the right way to go about it. As many of us learned in college, regardless of our degree, we are entitled to a livable wage, which is why we fight for a $15 minimum wage. We are entitled to free health care and free housing paid for by the taxes implemented on the wealthy billionaires of the nation.

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However – if you have an urge to start your own company as a way of making more money than your peers or the people around you, you need to be careful. Why? Because that’s a very conservative action. Conservatives start businesses left and right – which is why they fight so hard to lower taxes. Why do conservatives want lower taxes? Because by starting businesses and companies, they are earning more money than those working minimum wage jobs. This is not right nor moral.

Income inequality is a serious problem in America and liberals need to be careful about accidentally becoming a bigoted conservative by giving into an urge to start a company or be an entrepreneur. Earning more money than your neighbor is not right. If your neighbor earns more than you, they should be taxes until the money they get to keep matches yours. That’s what being liberal is all about and that is what America stands for.


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