Liberals are laying down in the middle of crowded streets to protest Trump’s National Emergency declaration

Liberals aren't standing for this fake national emergency

On February 15th, our president declared a national emergency in a final desperate attempt to get funding for his racist border wall. As predicted, no one is happy with this sickening abuse of power. Trump decided to take it upon himself to shut down the government needlessly for his monument to racism and white supremacy only to declare a national emergency weeks later because congress wouldn’t give him what he wants.

Facts are facts. No true American wants the wall. If one wants a wall on our southern border, they are a racist bigoted homophobe who hates women and there is no place in our country for people like that. Therefore his national emergency declaration was met with immediate protest by brave liberals across the nation.

If it’s one thing that liberals know how to do, it’s how to protest effectively. Liberal across the nation are laying down on busy streets and sidewalks in protest to the national emergency declaration. See the various other forms of protest liberals have taken against the fascist regime of the Trump administration.

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When I saw Trump declare a national emergency on MSNBC this morning, I screamed for 10 minutes straight. After regaining consciousness from the loss of air, I took to the streets and laid down on the highway. To my pleasant surprise, I was joined by hundreds of other liberals who also laid down on the street with me. Trump will listen to us now.

Brave liberals protesting the national emergency declaration in a dignifying way.

If you are opposed to Trump’s unnecessary declaration of a national emergency, join the hundreds of thousands of liberals across the nation who are laying down face up or face down on the ground in public so the country knows we’re serious about our beliefs and dignity.

Diversity is our strength and we need to continue to shout our disagreements with the decisions of Washington DC from the rooftops of our homes thousands of miles away.

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