Why we should rack up “unlimited national debt” for the Green New Deal

As long as we're able to benefit everyone equally, it shouldn't matter how we pay for it.

If there’s one thing we know living in this country and existing in this political climate, it’s that the Green New Deal is 100% what our country needs. Everything in ranging from medicare for all to education for all to providing financial security for those unwilling to work is exactly what America was founded on. We need the Green New Deal more than anything.

When doubters ask the inevitable question “how will we pay for it?” we should heed the answer given by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez herself. We pay for it the same way we’ve been paying for the countless wars and our services we utilize now – we rack up the national debt.

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The national debt is simple. Think of it like a credit card with no limit. We don’t actually need to pay it back so why not use everything we absolutely can? Students in universities do it all the time when they rack up their student loans in traditionally “un-profitable” majors like gender studies and philosophy. Luckily for them, the Green New Deal will benefit students who are unable to make money with the majors they choose. What a time to be alive!

That is … if the Green New Deal becomes law. In order for America to become the prosperous democratic socialist utopia that it has the potential to be, we need to elect the right people in office. Luckily Bernie Sanders has announced his presidential run on February 19th, 2019 and is backed entirely by the every growing base of AOC supporters. We got this!


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