The fact that Jussie Smollett is a suspect does not make him any less of a victim

Jussie Smollet's arrest is just a symptom of a bigger problem of Trump's racist America

In a rather odd and unpredictable turn of events, it almost seems as if Jussie Smollett faked his own attack. Obviously there was more too it and it wasn’t that simple, especially given further evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Smollett in order to frame the left.

The fact is simple. Jussie Smollett could be completely guilty of fabricating his own attack in an effort to frame Trump, Trump supporters and the conservative right – and that does not make him any less of a victim in the chain of hierarchical victimhood itself. After all, he is a gay black man living in America. By default, he is still a marginalized minority up against odds and obstacles that few of us could hardly imagine.

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Sure he may be a wealthy celebrity who had enough money to pay a few hit men to attack him on the streets of Chicago – but we can’t forget that people of color in this country have it harder than anyone else. The alleged attack may have been faked, but the truth in his hoax still rings accurate. This is MAGA country and hate crimes like the one he pretended to be a victim of actually happen at a staggering rate.

We at NPC Daily stand hard and firmly behind Jussie Smollet especially when he goes to prison because the truth is, he doesn’t deserve to be locked up. He should be given a platform to speak and elevated to the highest levels of social status. He is a victim of circumstance and the only reason he had to fake his attack and lie to the police was to raise awareness about the hate and dishonesty in our country. Diversity is our strength.


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