The “greyface” trope is dehumanizing

And this is a bad thing

There has been a disturbing trend among the alt-right as of late — the blanket characterization of woke leftists as having grey skin, blank expressions, little black eyes, and pointy geometric noses.

According to a source that wishes to remain Anonymous, this dehumanizing portrayal arose from the Internet’s most notorious hate group — Four Chan. Quite recently too, as there is zero evidence of it occurring prior to the midterm elections.

Unfortunately, this stereotype has not been confined to the Internet and has since been spread by alt-right, basement-dwelling trolls into our city streets and onto our fair billboards.

A group of fascist vandals known only as The Faction has been appropriating billboards as a means of spreading their hateful, racist message that diversity is not our greatest strength.

In mid January the SPLC-designated hate group defaced a billboard advertisement for Real Time with Bill Maher. One month later, they were at it again, this time sullying a Last Week Tonight with John Oliver advert with their racist tropes.

When will it end? Is no billboard or late-night talk show host safe from these wanton hate criminals?

Diversity is our strength, and hate groups like Four Chan and The Faction will no longer be tolerated once Donald Trump has been removed from office.

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