ISIS brides want to return to the US; Trump Says “No” and why this is a bad thing

Democrats vow to fight for them and to open all borders - the morally right thing to do

Let’s face facts: most youngsters make mistakes. Some drink beer, some smoke pot, and a number of young ladies in the US fell for the romance and attraction of joining ISIS to find good husbands who kill and behead any one who isn’t Muslim.

Now, some of these gals, now widows, want to return to the United States and let bygones be bygones. Even though they have promised not to kill anyone when they return – guess who had the audacity to say say “no”? You guessed it. President Trump. When asked by democratic socialist Muslim congresspersons why these young widows cannot legally enter the U.S. through an airport, Trump smugly answered, “Are you sh*tting me with that question?”, chilling the free exchange of ideas yet again.

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First term congress person Ilhan Omar, appointed by Nancy Pelosi to help run the House Foreign Relations Committee, spoke up for the jihadi widows. “Trump is forcing these women to sneak in through Mexico, which is known to be more dangerous than a comfortable direct flight from Damascus. That is racist and why we need open borders.” explained Omar, who NPC Daily caught up with eating dinner with her husbands.

Everyone in the mainstream media, and all of America, looks to Democratic Party Leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for answers, and this situation is no different.

Denying these women, many of whom are of color, entry into the United States is a violation of their basic human rights, such as the right to government jobs, free housing, good food, college, et cetera, and is obviously racist. Open borders, including for persecuted front line communities like ISIS brides, are essential to preserve our way of life. This is like, our World War II for millennials, Gen X people, and other front line communities.

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

NPC Daily will keep readers updated on the brave congress persons of color who are fighting for the rights of these ISIS widows to peacefully return to the U.S.

Pepe Johnson

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