“My wife’s boyfriend donated his entire welfare check to Bernie Sanders’ campaign” – the bravery of the liberal left

One of many examples of the typical Bernie supporter contributing to his wonderful campaign!

If there’s one thing we know as liberals, it’s that liberals and progressives are loyal to the cause. We know that the main purpose of the American government is to provide free education, free housing and financial security to anyone on US soil regardless of ability or willingness to work. That’s why when Bernie Sanders announced his 2020 presidential campaign, liberals from across the nation cheered and rejoiced. We have a second chance for a future to believe in.

A staggering 30 million dollars have been donated to the Bernie Sanders campaign within the last three days alone. This is a grass roots effort to an extent that we have never seen. Liberals from across the country in all of the states are donating more of their money in a shorter amount of time than for any other cause in history.

We had the pleasure of speaking with a Bernie supporter from California who kindly shared his contribution story.

I am so excited to know that Bernie Sanders has a real shot at winning in 2020. I donated all of my tips I made this month for the cause. My wife’s boyfriend donated his entire welfare check to the Bernie Sanders campaign too! I can’t wait for all of our donations to his foundation to pay off in the form of free stuff forever!

  • Jason Polluck, 28, Sacramento California

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Bernie Sanders doesn’t just have a platform worth defending but he has a follower base more loyal than Trump. Bernie Sanders is guaranteed to unite the left with his progressive ideas that will do wonders for the US economy.


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