Liberal activists protesting fat discrimination by blocking gyms

A heroic new trend sweeping the nation

Written by Neville Percival Croft

It is common knowledge that people of size are arguably one of the most discriminated and marginalized groups in America, but very little has been done to end the horrendous bigotry against them. Each day, thousands of voluptuous Americans are unfairly told by doctors that they are simply not good enough and that they need to change themselves for “the greater good”. Fortunately, heroic liberal activists have decided to address this nonsense by bravely protesting in one of the most daring and stunning ways yet: blocking people from entering gyms.

As we all know, gyms are constant reminders to people of size that their bodies are imperfect and repulsive. In fact, even the sight of a slim gym member is triggering to say the least. Skinny privilege has become a rampant, yet under-discussed, issue in American society. Not a single 2020 candidate has yet to come out to defend the rights of people of size and this is utterly wrong. Now, this task falls in the hands of brave activists and so far this gym blocking tactic has worked perfectly. Gyms across America have been receiving lower profits due to people being unable to enter and even the employees have been refused access into the building.

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Sadly, this has led to an increase in violence and many peaceful, tolerant liberals have been wrongfully harmed in the process, including body positivity activist Heather Gemma Montgomery, with whom we spoke recently about the rise of hateful acts of violence by the alt-right. Once again, Heather has had her life threatened by right wing bigots and she’s had enough.

Yasss queen! So glad to be on NPC Daily again! Okay here’s what happened. I was with my fellow activists blocking the gym door and then some strong looking guy comes over and demands we let him through. Bravely, I went up to his face and told him that he couldn’t pass. Then, he attacked… He shoved me and some other activists to the ground so that he and the other fascists could get past us. I even spilt my soy latte… Quickly, I got on my mobility scooter and sped home where I cried myself to sleep with a box of donuts. This is a hate crime. I can’t take it anymore!

  • Heather Gemma Montgomery, daring, defiant and stunning liberal activist.
Heather and another proud protester pictured here bravely defying skinny privilege and fascism

Clearly, the struggles and hardship of fat America have been ignored long enough and only now is it truly being addressed. Fascism and skinny privilege are pretty much the same thing and these series of brave protests are highlighting this problem. No longer will Americans of size be forced to hear about diabetes, heart disease and other irrelevant illnesses. What really matters is our feelings and they should not be tossed aside in the name of bigoted facts.

Fat lives matter.

Neville Percival Croft is a reporter for NPC Daily and enjoys campaigning for Bernie Sanders, educating Conservatives and knocking down walls.

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