“The sexism is worse for women in America than it is for Iran” new progressive study shows

The evidence is clear that America is one of the worst countries for women

A new study from University of California, Palm Springs suggests that sexism and gender inequality is far worse for women in America than it is for women in Iran. We know that Iran has some issues regarding their perceptions of gender equality – which obviously have nothing to do with the prevailing religious zealotry occupying majors swaths of the territory – but in America, women aren’t even being paid as much as men.

When you take the total averages of all men in America and all women in America (ignoring factors like job choice), it’s clear that women are being paid 75 cents to every dollar that men are paid. Furthermore, women are not even allowed to have abortions in the third trimester in most of the country. This is sexism to the highest degree perpetrated by conservatives and Republicans who just want to control women’s bodies.

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This blatant oppression of women is totally legal in America. Despite the efforts of the morally right Women’s Marches, women’s rights are still being stifled at every turn. Case and point – why did Trump win the election against Hillary Clinton? Because Hillary is a woman. Plain and simple.

That’s why we must fight the patriarchy everywhere we see it. If we are lucky, we will be in better shape if we were more like Iran than we are now – but it’s a battle we must continue to wage until women get the treatment they deserve.

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