“I took out a 3rd mortgage on my studio condo to donate to Bernie’s campaign”

The bravery of liberal contributors is staggering and we need more people like them in the country

As we all know, Bernie Sanders is our country’s best hope of recovery from the damage that President Trump is causing on a daily basis. Everything Trump says, thinks and does is the complete antithesis of what Bernie Sanders if proposing. Trump hates immigrants, Bernie embraces them. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change and in some cases is openly advocating for it, Bernie wants to stop it in its tracks. Trump wants to give tax breaks for the rich, Bernie wants to give free food, housing, education and financial security to everyone in the country.

That’s why when Bernie Sanders announced his 2020 presidential campaign, millions of die hard liberals across the country began throwing their hard earned money (as well as their welfare checks) at Bernie’s campaign. It’s remarkable. These liberals know that they will be getting their money back a hundred fold when Bernie Sanders wins in 2020.

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That’s why there are so many inspiring stories like that of Jeremy Ronix, a condo owner in San Fransisco. We had the please of getting a word from him.

I believe in Bernie’s message so much, I took out a 3rd mortgage on my studio condo to donate to Bernie’s campaign. I’m in debt. In in a hell of a lot of debt and I don’t know if I can afford food this week. I’m working as a male cam model just to pay my utilities and buy top ramen but anything extra I earn by degrading myself, I will donate to the Bernie campaign. It’s the right thing to do.

  • Jeremy Ronix

So inspiring. So brave. Jeremy Ronix is just one of many liberals who are giving every penny they have to the campaign that is guaranteed to fix our country from the damage Trump has done. Every liberal who hands off their life’s savings, their 401ks and retirement plans over to the Bernie campaign are on the right side of history. Diversity is strength.


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