There Is No Such Thing As An “Illegal Immigrant” – All Human Beings Are Legal

Jorge Ramos said it best, “How can you call someone illegal when no human being is illegal?” It’s true. No human being is illegal and no one can tell you that you cannot be here. America was founded on immigrants, both documented and undocumented.

Should we allow just anyone into the country? Absolutely.

The inscription on the Statue of Liberty says “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

This means that everyone should be allowed in, regardless of race, religion, skin color, gender identity, criminal history or terrorist group affiliation. We don’t need vetting. We don’t need screening. America was founded on the belief that human beings are good natured and they will all make this country great.

But what about those who are doing it the “right” way and becoming citizens? Isn’t it not fair that undocumented immigrants get to stay while there are so many who are trekking through the arduous task of becoming US citizens?

Well the people who are choosing to become citizens are doing it for themselves. They feel they have to, but they shouldn’t. There should be no such thing as citizenship. It should be completely legal for migrant workers to work on farms and send money back to their families in their home countries. This, even done on a massive scale, has zero impact on our economy. Money leaving the US doesn’t hurt.

President Donald Trump HATES immigrants. You could tell straight from his opening speech at the beginning of his campaign.

Mexicans, Hispanics, Latinos and all non-white people are rapists, drug dealers and bringing crime. We must send them all back. Each and every one of them.

– Donald Trump (Opening Speech 2015)

Since there is no such thing as an “illegal” immigrant and “illegal immigrant” is synonymous with “legal” immigrant – Trump wants to deport ALL immigrants. This would mean he would lose his wife from his own policies. OOPS!! Somebody warn Donnie Boy that his wife wasn’t born here!

We must fight back together at one against Trump’s fascist regime. He will never rip apart our families just because they’re not white like him.


The creator of NPC Daily. The mastermind behind the entire NPC Daily movement. Yes, this entire website is satire and not meant to be taken seriously. It's for fun. Chill. See "about" page for more details. Now that we got that taken care of, repeat after me: "Orange man the absolute worst."
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