Hate Crimes

It’s time to admit that the “charcoal mask” is just an excuse to get away with blackface

Racist "charcoal mask" is just blackface and should be treated like the hate crime it is

What started as a sick practical joke from a series of alt-right YouTube tolls has turned into a sickening racist trend among women and some men across the nation. The joke was to get teenagers to willing put themselves in blackface, video record it, and put it on the internet. Little time passed before this silly trick became mainstream.

Liberal and progressive parents from coast to coast are horrified to see their children taking part in this racist behavior. NPC Daily interviewed one mom from Vermont who expressed her disdain for the origin and propagation of this bigoted act.

I came from one day from the women’s march, protesting my rights to abort my unborn children so conservatives will stay away from my uterus, when I saw my daughter in the bathroom in blackface. I was shocked and I screamed at the top of my lungs. She was even recording herself for Instagram. She said it was a “charcoal” mask. Just another excuse. I grounded her for a year until she realizes how racist she was.

  • Caprice Nolan, VM

Being in blackface is a racist hate crime. It’s one thing to be an open bigot and record yourself in blackface for the world to see. It’s something else entirely to trick teenagers across the nation into doing the same – and it’s absolutely abhorrent that chain beauty stores are capitalizing on this racist behavior and actually selling “charcoal masks” as if it’s really supposed to clear your pores and “black heads.”

Say NO to charcoal masks. Say NO to hate crimes like this. Say NO to racism and bigotry and say YES to Bernie Sanders.

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