More and more millennials are donating their entire student loans to the Bernie Sanders campaign

Brave liberal college students are showing their enthusiasm by donating everything they have to the Bernie 2020 campaign

One thing is certain in the current political arena – and it’s that Bernie Sanders has won the hearts and minds of millennials across the country. Many millennials are in tremendous amounts of student student debt, aren’t earning living wages, and most Bernie supporters, if not all, are still living with their parents. Since Bernie Sanders is essentially promising to rid this generation of these problems, why wouldn’t millennials want to donate everything they have to this campaign?

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We spoke with a student from UC Santa Cruz who donated his entire student loan to the Bernie 2020 campaign in the middle of the 2018-2019 academic year.

I look at it like this. If Bernie wins, all of these problems go away anyway. My student loan debt goes away. My fear of not going anywhere in life with my gender studies degree goes away. Income inequality vanishes in our country. It will be a win win across the board. That’s why so many of us are donating the entirety of our student loans to the one candidate who will finally be able to give us what we are entitled to.

  • Jason Gamora, UC Irvine

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. This brave way of thinking is the very mindset that could get Bernie Sanders elected. Should this happen, the future of America will finally be on its way to something we can truly believe in.


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