“My toxic masculinity selfishly prevented me from sharing my wife with other men”

A story of how one man broke free from toxic masculinity

When it comes to everything wrong with culture, we can narrow most culprits down to toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity is what makes men selfish, careless, it’s what makes men mean and aggressive. “Boys will be boys” is the everlasting mantra used to brush toxic masculinity under the rug as if it weren’t a real problem.

Thanks to the Gillette ad that was released back in January, toxic masculinity is now at an all time low. We had the privilege of hearing the stories of many converts who renounced their toxic masculinity and embraced their natural liberal outlook counterpart.

Before the Gillette ad, I thought I was in a happy marriage. My wife wanted us to have an open relationship but I didn’t want her cheating on me. Then I realized – my toxic masculinity selfishly prevented me from sharing my wife with other men. Women are not property. Ever since I renounced my toxic masculinity, I sleep well at night knowing that my wife is happy being with other men whenever she wants. We haven’t been intimate with each other for a month but as long as she’s happy with the other guys she’s with, I’m happy. Thanks, Gillette!

Stunning and brave. Nothing is a bigger sign of respect and denouncement of the patriarchy than a man becoming selfless and turning over what he thinks is his own, to everyone else. Toxic masculinity is a plague and it makes men jealous and territorial – but one by one, men are seeing the light and becoming less selfish and displaying less of these damaging characteristics.

Being a man doesn’t mean physical strength, aggression, assertiveness or territorial qualities. Being a man means being liberal and voting for progressive policies. Are you man enough?

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