Democrats propose tax exemption status for minorities and marginalized groups

A historic victory for minorities and people of color is on the horizon

In a heroic act of desperately needed reparations for the oppression of minorities by white men over centuries past, house Democrats are proposing a bill that will grant tax exemption status to people of color and other historically oppressed individuals. If passed, people of color ranging from African American to Latinx and everyone in between will be except from filing income tax in 2020.

This is a start of something great. America is long overdue when it comes to paying back the hardships that have been imposed on minorities. Everything ranging from slavery to Jim Crow – these acts have gone unaccounted for long enough.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is said to have supported this proposition and could be including it in the next draft of the Green New Deal.

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If this passes, minorities will no longer need to fear for their lives by living in this country. America will finally be a welcoming place for migrants and people of color as opposed to the pool of hatred it is now, caused by the infamous President Trump. We’re one step closer to making America the socialist utopia our founding fathers envisioned. Diversity is our strength.


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