Trump suspected of making deal with North Korea to hack 2020 election

Trump's interaction with Kim Jong Un reeks of collusion

Trump made his annual visit to North Korea for the second time since he’s taken office. Given the fact that Donald Trump has been friendly with world dictators his entire life, it’s no surprise that our inside informants have alerted us to the possibility that Trump has reached out to Kim Jong Un privately to hack the 2020 election, just like he did with Putin in 2016.

This information came from a member of a progressive think tank who analyzed the smile and handshake shared between the two dictators during their visit in Hanoi, Vietnam. After studying the video footage for a solid eighteen minutes, our informant drew the following conclusion:

It’s an absolute fact. It’s a 100% sure deal. I am positive that there was a deal made between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump by the way they interacted. They smiled and were friendly to each other. This can only mean one thing. Donald Trump made a deal with Kim Jong Un to hack the 2020 election in his favor just like he did with Putin.

Our informant had to step out of the room and hyperventilate in a safe space moments after giving this quote. Now that we know that Donald Trump is now working with the North Koreans and the Russians to influence our election, we need to be as diligent as possible when it comes to detecting fake news and treasonous acts coming from the Trump administration. After all, he can’t possibly win a second term without cheating so as long as we as a nation understand that fact, we will know how to approach unfavorable outcomes.


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