Brave cisgendered liberal males are voluntarily transitioning to fight against rape culture

An outstanding move to prevent instances of sexual assault

It’s no secret that rape culture on campus and throughout our nation is a rampant problem that needs to be stopped. For more information about campus rape culture, check out our informative article Campus Rape Culture Explained – and it far worse than you have EVER imagined. Because of this, brave liberals and progressives are taking major strides to combat rape culture in our country.

The move is simple – straight white cisgendered males are voluntarily undergoing gender transition surgery in order to fight against rape culture. This move is similar to the effect that it would have for all gun owners to surrender their guns in an effort to combat gun violence – regardless of whether or not you committed any acts of gun violence.

Voluntarily removing your biologically male genitals is a brave and effective way of combating rape culture and sexual assault. Sexual assault from a male would not be possible without the built-in tool to do so. We are honored to have received a quote from a brave progressive who underwent this surgery.

I was fed up with rape culture in my school and country. Because of Trump, I felt the need to remove my genitals in order to reduce sexual assault. I have never had an urge to commit an act of sexual assault but up until last week, I would have been able to. Not anymore. My fiancée isn’t too happy about this though.

  • Jordan Corsik, 32, UC Irvine

If more cisgendered men voluntarily made these brave acts, sexual assault across the country would decrease ten-fold. If confiscating guns will lower gun crime, then preemptive gender transition surgery will lower instances of rape in the same way. Liberals and progressives are always two steps ahead of society.


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