Donald Glover to play a gay Forrest Gump in a much needed remake in 2021

Hollywood is fixing our culture one movie at a time.

We have to hand it to Paramount Pictures for having the presence of mind to make a movie surrounding a mentally handicapped individual back in 1994. Ableism was very much not in their makeup as they were already woke enough to be ahead of their time. However, it’s 2019 and approaching 2021 – the standards have shifted. Shouldn’t our movies and entertainment adjust accordingly?

Facts are facts. Forrest Gump just doesn’t hold up anymore. Though it aged better than others, Forrest Gump still starred Tom Hanks portraying a straight white male. That’s problematic and could be triggering for most viewers. That’s why Hollywood has announced that they will embark on a much needed remake, starring Donald Glover who will play a gay black Forrest Gump with adjusted aspects of the story line.

With this new gay Forrest Gump of color, the classic story of this magnificent man will be told in a manner that will resonate with people in this day and age. Paramount Pictures is pleased to work with Hollywood’s liberal elite for direction and guidance to make the most progressive installment of the story yet.

This is right up there with Disney’s first ever transgender princess movie, Alex Is, and the new live action Lion King starring once again Donald Glover playing a gay Simba. One movie at a time, the movie industry will fix the mistakes of previous movies by interjecting and wrapping each one up with the perfect dose of progressive liberalism to make us all happy. Stay tuned!


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