Studies show physical fitness linked to conservatism and bigotry

Striving to be fit and healthy may be linked to ingrained racist and bigoted ideologies

A study came out of NYU this week linking many individuals who take their physical fitness, health and aesthetics seriously with bigoted, racist, intolerant and conservative values. At face value, this may seem shocking but when the details are unveiled, the mystery goes away.

The study was done by questioning a sample size of 30,000 individuals ranging from different life styles, ages, education and socioeconomic standing. When lining up those who went to the gym regularly, had a low body fat percentage, took pride in how they looked or strove to look better and ate healthy – 68% of them also voted for Trump and identified as conservative.

So why would this be a mystery in the first place? Considering that conservatives are generally selfish and prideful by nature, it’s not surprising that they prioritize their appearance and fitness over other more important aspects of life – like protesting and marching for women’s rights. Women who lift weights at the gym generally have a lower tendency of identifying as a feminist as someone who overeats and avoids the gym altogether. Men who work out regularly have a tendency to be more conservative than those who spend their time productively marching and protesting.

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The study is conclusive. If you don’t want to be mistaken for a bigoted racist conservative, it’s best to not go to the gym, look after your health, fitness or appearance and stick to what you know and do best – marching and protesting. If you want everyone you know that you’re a tolerant ally to marginalized groups, want medicare for all and a mandatory livable minimum wage, don’t shy away from the cake, potato chips, sodas and bread and continue walking right past those bigoted gyms. You do you.


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