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Brave college student conducted live abortion procedure on herself for performance art final

A bold and stunning act of women's courage, liberty and freedom.

Glass ceilings were shattered when a brave liberal performance artist in UC Santa Cruz conducted an abortion on herself in front of hundreds of watchers to make a statement about gender equality and choice. Sandra Seville, a 24 year old liberal arts major and women’s rights activist from the university made liberals and progressives roar in joyous cheer as she bluntly got the point across that “women should be free too.”

Sandra intentionally got pregnant after a series of rapid-fire Tinder dates exactly six months ago, timing her gestation perfectly. At the day marking the start of her third trimester, she got on stage at UC Santa Cruz with hundreds of students, staff and guests watching as she made a powerful speech about how racist and bigoted our president is, the “true state of our union,” sexism and finally intolerance.

After her 45 minute speech, Sandra stripped down wearing nothing but a hospital gown and a court jester’s hat, laid spread eagle on an American flag, grabbed a pair of grill tongs and performed an abortion on herself live on stage while reciting verses from Revelations in Arabic. It moved most of the crowd to tears.

I was so grateful to have seen this beautiful performance. Her voice, her words and her actions speak for all women. It was worth the $400 ticket price I paid, which apparently will be going straight to Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign. Two birds with one stone. Actually three.

  • Gloria Sanchismo, Genders Studies Major, UC Santa Cruz

Sandra Seville’s performance was so motivating and got such high reviews that she has agreed to make this event an annual performance. She was officially sponsored by Planned Parenthood and Tinder to time her pregnancy and gestation to make her vision of an annual event into a reality.

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