FINALLY – Democrats propose bill that would force Uber and Lyft to give free rides to undocumented migrants

Once again liberals are the ones who propose measures to make the lives of migrants easier

In the effort to make lives easier for our undocumented immigrant population, house Democrats have proposed a bill that would force companies like Uber and Lyft to give free rides and services specifically to migrants without papers. After all, an immigrant is a person of color who moves to this country from another by definition. It would be unfair for transportation services to discriminate based on race.

Let’s face it – the average life of undocumented immigrants is rough and they run into roadblock after roadblock along the way, whether it be border check points, ICE or the constitution. That’s why we need measures to prevent transportation services like Uber and Lyft to provide services for free for those who need it most.

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According to a study, 8 out of ever 10 undocumented immigrants need to flee border patrol or ICE custody at some point during their migration process. It would be unfair for transportation services to deny these undocumented immigrants the help necessary to escape the racist clutches of ICE – especially when they have every means to do so. Why should they have to pay? After all, they’re coming here for a better life than the country from which they migrated. They deserve free rides more than domestically born Americans.

This is just one of many reasons to vote blue in the upcoming elections. We need these free services to go to our undocumented population more than ever. If bills like these are not passed, undocumented migrants will have a hard time getting to and from their new jobs and homes. Diversity is our strength.


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