Liberals are vowing to not have children until Green New Deal passes

"I don't want to bring kids into a doomed world"

Our planet is on the brink of another mass extinction. Environmental specialist and economic visionary Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez puts the end of the world roughly twelve years into the future. The official countdown clock to the end of the world can be found here. For many liberals, this is simply not the conditions one would desire for which to bear children. The average human life span is 85 years. In a world that has only 12 years left, these children would face an early death.

This is why more and more liberals are vowing to not have kids until the Green New Deal becomes law. Only then will the world have a fighting chance to have a future worth experiencing for the next generation. This, in theory, should change the hearts and minds of conservatives and those who oppose the brilliance of the Green New Deal.

We’ve had the honor of speaking with a liberal couple from UC Riverside who vowed to not reproduce until congress passes every aspect of the Green New Deal.

If we only have twelve years left, I don’t want risk having children only for them to die before they even make it to their teens. I don’t want to bring kids into a doomed world. It’s not worth it. That’s why I made a pact with both my husband and boyfriend that I will not have any kids until the Green New Deal becomes law. I am so happy that millions of liberals across the nation are feeling the same way.

  • Suzanne Schultz, 22, UC Riverside

Liberals voluntarily choosing not to reproduce until the Green New Deal become a reality – it’s come to this. This is the bravest form of protest in which one can take part. That’s why more and more millennials are giving everything they can to the Bernie Sanders campaign. The fate of the entire world is at stake – and if America doesn’t pass this well-thought-out and effective bill, our entire planet will fall.

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