Trump promises protection of hate speech on college campuses through executive order

Free speech leads to hate speech and should be stopped before it gets out of hand.

It’s been an eventful week for hatred and bigotry in our country but the conclusion of it peaked at CPAC on March 2nd where President Trump essentially said he would propose an executive order to protect hate speech on college campuses. Needless to say, this is sickening, terrifying and downright triggering.

The actual words he used was “protect free speech” but we all know what that means when it’s said by a conservative. It means hate speech. Plain and simple. Hateful and derogatory rhetoric straight from the mouths of bigoted conservatives will now be mainstream, protected and even encouraged.

Hate speech is weaponized free speech. Just like mass shooters simply use legal gun laws to their sick advantage, bigoted conservatives use the so-called “freedom of speech” gimmick to justify their violent words. Liberals are on the right side of history in their efforts to ban all guns to minimize the risk of mass shootings just as they are correct to try to eliminate the first amendment and “free speech” to minimize hate speech.

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Make no mistake – liberals and progressives love America and love freedom. We just don’t like when these freedoms are misused. So in actuality, it’s freer to have a more restricted society. If America is all about freedom, then we should have restricted speech, restricted gun access, free health care, high taxes to pay for the health care and government control over the means of production – only then will America truly be the shining jewel our founding fathers envisioned.

We’re about to take a huge step back once Trump signs his executive order allowing full fledged hate speech to spew rampantly on college campuses. That’s why we need to vote blue no matter who.


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