“I donated my college fund to the Bernie 2020 campaign because education will be free when he’s elected”

The devotion of the liberal spirit is what will drive American change

Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign is raising money faster than Trump’s wall fund. The numbers speak for themselves. In just two short weeks, Bernie Sanders raised upwards of 30 million dollars from donations alone. Most of these donations came from millennials and progressives who were more than willing to give all they could in order to make into reality a future they could believe in.

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The promises made by Bernie Sanders are astounding and we know he will keep them should he become president. Free health care? Count me in! Free college tuition? Get me some of that! Since the Sanders plan includes guaranteed free tuition for all colleges and universities, more and more millennial students are donating their college funds to his campaign.

I am donating the entirety of my college savings fund to the Bernie 2020 campaign. Why? Because when he’s elected, I will for sure get that money back. It’s a win-win! There’s no way this could go wrong and since this is such an airtight plan, I have convinced all of my Instagram followers to do the same! I’m going to speak at high schools starting next week encouraging new high school graduates to follow my lead!

  • Bryan Holmes, 22, UC Berkely

Stunning and brave. Everyone should follow in Bryan’s footsteps and donate their life savings and college funds to the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign. It’s either all in or all out. There is no in between. So if you want to see yourself in a Democratic Socialist utopia, the kind of future our founding fathers saw for our beautiful country, it’s in your best interest to donate everything you possibly can to make a president Bernie Sanders a reality. Diversity is our strength.


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