STUNNING AND BRAVE: Twitter Trust and Safety’s Vijaya Gadde stands up to NAZI Tim Pool

This is the best thing Antifa has done since defeating Hitler.

Written by Jeremiah Harding

On Tuesday, Alt-Right figurehead Tim Pool trended due to an interview he did with toxically masculine bigot Joe Rogan, to bully Twitter execs over their brave decision to stand up for transpeople. Tim mansplained that there was a bias in decision making, and that Twitter has a protected class for sexual and racial minorities, and therefore the left as well. He cried about serial harassers getting banned for hours and Joe just let it happen, sometimes inserting his manhood into the conversation to help! Absolutely disgusting.

Luckily Vijaya Gadde was there to save the day. She came in with facts and logic, saying everyone banned was banned for all the right reasons. Tim tried to show some edge cases, but she quickly proved that’s all they were. She stood up for women everywhere, and really, she’s a beacon of hope in a white world, as one of Fortune’s 40 under 40, saying unequivocally that Nazi bigots like Tim Pool and Joe Rogan were officially on notice.

Gadde? More like Goddess! Her impressive resume, and amazing ability to remain calm and composed in the Rogan gas chamber is heretofore unparalleled. Rogan has recently had other Nazis, like Alex Jones, Owen Benjamin, and their Russian ally, Abby Martin, on to discuss how best to change the face of the world to the Aryan image, without looking like it to anyone.

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As Stormfront said – you have to hide it in humor, so obviously even “jokes” like #LearnToCode must be policed. Otherwise, minorities and women will literally die – by the billions! People like Vijaya are basically stopping a genocide with their bravery, and saluting them is the least we can do.

As a heteronormative, white, cisgendered, toxically male, able-bodied ex-Christian, I can only hope to swab the decks in the Womyn’s Liberation Army she’ll undoubtedly raise with her worthy words! We can only hope she expunges the Twitter record of Nazis like Rogan and Pool as soon as possible, before any more needless deaths happen at their hands.

Jack Conte was also there.

Jeremiah Harding is an angry anarchist voice and GamerGate supporter with weekly podcasts and articles.

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