The Flat Earth Society officially endorses Bernie Sanders 2020

"We think a lot a like and share the same vision for the future"

In a shocking turn of events, the Flat Earth Society has officially announced that they fully endorse Bernie Sanders for president in 2020. Typically fringe groups of extremists are disavowed if the endorser’s worldviews are contrary to the endorsee’s, but given the similarities in trains of thought illustrated by Democratic Socialists and the Flat Earth Society, the Sanders 2020 campaign is accepting their endorsement.

We had the privilege (which we checked) to get a quote from a spokesperson from the Flat Earth Society earlier this week. Samuel Clemson is the secretary of global communications of the Flat Earth Society and here’s what he had to say:

There are two things we know for certain. The world is flat and that Democratic Socialism is the way of the future. We think a lot a like and share the same vision for the future. Bernie Sanders has our full support and we will rally our forces across the plane of Earth to campaign for a future we can believe in. Vote Bernie 2020.

  • Samuel Clemson, Secretary of Global Communications Flat Earth Society

Though their tactics are questionable, it’s in Bernie’s best interest to take what he can get. There are flat-earthers everywhere and they make compelling cases. It would do the liberal cause a world of good to allow the support of the Flat Earth Society. Diversity is our strength.


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