It’s time to admit that our founding fathers wanted Democratic Socialism

Bernie Sanders just wants to bring America to what our founding fathers envisioned

On the glorious day on July 4th, 1776, the founding fathers gathered together and declared America’s independence from British influence. So what did George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison all have in common? Their undying love for Democratic Socialism – we should have higher taxes if that means more government providing entitlements to each of its citizens.

Anyone who disagrees with this fact is simply denying history. Conservatives love to tout the idea that our founding fathers wanted less government in general, less taxes and less top down control. Anyone who thinks about it for more than a few minutes will know that they didn’t want less of this government oversight in general – they wanted less government oversight from Britain.

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Despite all of their famous quotes and literature to the contrary, the founding fathers knew that abortion should be a right, college tuition should be free and health care should be given to every person on American soil, regardless of national affiliation or citizenship.

Bernie Sanders and the American Democratic Socialists are simply doing everything they can to bring our country to what our founding fathers envisioned. If George Washington and Alexander Hamilton were alive today, they would vote for Bernie Sanders and the Green New Deal. Nothing is more American than higher taxes, entitlements and bigger government.

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